Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First episode

Hello L&G,

I am Bella and I love to read.

I do surf a lot. Everyday, I'll hop around. From one site to one site. Those catchy links I'd saved in my Favourite-List at my own lappy.

Unfortunately, all the links GONE when my laptop got crashed. I could not back up them :'(

Thus, I came up with this idea, to gather them in one place so that I'm able to track without worries of missing them again. This is the blog that I considered one place that I keep those interesting blogs/ site/ video/ photos/ etc that I watched, I read, I went through.

Personally, it is Bella_Favourite_Digital_Archive

To those bloggers that I put the link here, I love reading stuff from you guys. Keep on writing as you give the inspiration to others :-)